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Understanding of life

Posted by admin on March 31, 2010 | No comments

Gather 20 children, so different from the “normal” and at the same time so similar to them …
To see them laughing and the sparks in their eyes is worth it!
Why? The answer is simple: Because you want it!
Because these are the children who experience the happiness in it’s most sincere and true way.
This week I managed to be part of a project with a couple of friends of mine from our Rotaract club of Bourgas.
It was so depressing and at the same time heart warming event.

Our friends from the Red Cross helped us to gather together 20 kids in need. Our main idea was to gift to those children some happy moments for Easter (the orthodox Easter happens to be this week).

We had fun with the kids making them feel great!

It is funny how there are children who have everything and there are also children who have nothing. I wonder why people have to be so different and so similar at the same time…

Like you have everything and nothing at all at the same time…

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