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A gift I didn’t ask for …

Posted by admin on November 15, 2009 | No comments

I just got a new and rather unexpected gift… a book. Some of you might say this is not something as strange as it seems to me, but having the fact that i haven’t had the chance to read papper books lately this is an event..

The book’s called “Tractate for the hangover” (originally “Tratado Sombre la Resaca”). Funny, huh ?! The author is Juan Bas. Actually, this book seems to be one of those books which you read for 1 night.

Cubierta Tratado sobre la resaca 1traktat-za-mahmurluka-huan-bas

Girls, look what i found out – i just randomly opened the book on a page and i can read the comparison between how women and men assimilate alchohol.

Sex. Women assimilate alchohol worse then men. They get drunk faster and in general suffer more from hangover. Their liver produces less of the dehydrogenazys enzym and their bodies contain less water. From the liquors the best thing for women to drink is… beer.

Actually, it seems like this is the only advantage that men have in the whole hangovering-story theme.

That’s it from me today.. Happy hangovering :)

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